About PRI
PRI aims to develop the Belizean human capital in math, science, and technology to create economic growth through high-tech industries

Petters Research Institute (PRI) is a non-profit, private, politically-neutral institute in Belize charged with
  • creating an interdisciplinary center of excellence in the application, theory, and pedagogy of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), as well as their synergistic interactions with business administration and entrepreneurship to induce economic growth

  • promoting outreach programs to scholars and professionals outside science, and to the community at large, encouraging collaboration and mutual understanding to create synergies for the betterment of the Belizean people

PRI will pursue its mission through programs that include

  • advancing a technology sector in the Belizean economy by developing the Belizean human capital in STEM fields, and tying these fields intimately with the needs businesses and entrepreneurs to create economic growth

  • bringing together world-class researchers to generate practical findings and policy recommendations that ramify into the Belizean educational, technological, business, and health sectors

  • partnering with primary, secondary, and tertiary academic institutions to offer enhanced e-learning environments and opportunities for students, educators, and the community

  • developing ties with US educational institutions and businesses to promote human capital development and cross-national job opportunities, particularly for needy underrepresented minorities and non-minorities from economically challenged communities